PROFIT system consultants prepared more than 300 franchise systems working in Central and Eastern Europe

Business model

A business model is a method by which an enterprise is set-up to sell goods or services to an end customer. It describes the method by which the business will monetise its concept or unique selling point. The business model which succeeded in your domestic country not necessarily has to work in the country you are going to enter. This is why your business model should be tailored to your destination market - its economic reality, investment potential of your future franchisees, purchasing-power of your end customer, business customs and many other factors.

Business model includes:

  • analysis of competitive offers for the franchise or partnership system;
  • definition of operational objectives: sales volume, assortment, business conditions, location, abundance, territorial coverage of the network;
  • definition of minimum quality standards of the future franchise or partner network;
  • financial models of cooperation from the point of view of both the franchisee (or partner) and the franchisor (or the system organizer);
  • determination of the franchise fees, margins, commissions, etc.;
  • define the conditions of accession to the system;
  • identification of potential problems that that may arise in the course of work on implementing and functioning of the franchise or partnership system.

Preparation or adaptation of franchise package

Well defined business model is a proper starting point for preparation of franchising package or its adaptation to destination market. PROFIT system consultants provide also support in preparation or adaptation such documents as:

  • franchise agreement,
  • operational manual,
  • letter of intent,
  • franchise information kit for potential franchisees - details of business concept, the features and benefits, products and services, criteria of accession.

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