PROFIT system provides a wide variety of services: creation of the franchise, support in launching and recruitment of the franchisees

Company profile

PROFIT system is a consulting company specialized in franchise consultancy in Central and Eastern European countries (esp. Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic). We provide a wide range of services and products in the field of franchise business. We give full support in development of our Clients' businesses across Central and Eastern Europe. We hire professionals experienced in legal and economic issues of franchising.

PROFIT system is also a publisher of franchise magazine in Czech Republic (Vlastní firma FRANCHISING), Poland (Własny Biznes FRANCHISING) and Ukraine (Идеи Бизнеса ФРАНЧАЙЗИНГ) and professional franchise portals:

The company was established in 1998. Since that time we we have been working for over 600 franchisers.

We offer:

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PROFIT system
is promoting franchising
through publishing activity and support to franchise organisations