Franchise magazines publishing by PROFIT system are read by existing and future franchisees.

Franchise magazines

"Wlasny Biznes FRANCHISING" in Poland

"Wlasny Biznes FRANCHISING" is the only franchise monthly in Poland. It is issued monthly in 20.000 copies with the 70 percentage sale (according to the independent Press Distribution Control Association). It is available countrywide at all major newsagents and by subscription. Advertisement in "Wlasny Biznes FRANCHISING" helps franchisers to find franchisees and business partners. In "Wlasny Biznes FRANCHISING" you can promote your franchise concept and advertise your products and services dedicated to small business, managers and individual business people. With "Wlasny Biznes FRANCHISING" you can reach your target audience very easily.

"Wlasny Biznes FRANCHISING" has been issued from the beginning of the year 2003. During last 5 years more than 500 companies have found business partners thanks to the magazine: franchisers operating in Poland, foreign franchisers looking for a master franchisee.

"Idei Biznesa FRANCHISING" in Ukraine

Since 2011 PROFIT system is also publishing a franchise magazine in Ukraine "Idei Biznesa FRANCHISING". It is issued quatery in 10.000 with 60 percentage sale. The magazine is based on the experience of Polish edition. Its main goal is to promote knowledge about franchising among Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

"Vlastni Firma FRANCHISING" in Czech Republic

This is the latest title published by PROFIT system. The first issue of the quarterly debuted in 2012. Czech magazine appears in the circulation of 5000 copies. Like the Polish and Ukrainian issue is devoted to the franchise and targeted primarily at local entrepreneurs.


The "Wlasny Biznes FRANCHISING", "Idei Biznesa FRANCHISING" and "Vlastni Firma FRANCHISING" consists of the various sections such as news, headlines, special case and advices. In the news section we write about new franchise networks operating on market and new investment possibilities coming from abroad. Every edition is devoted to different business sector. "Facts and Trends" section delivers the hotest news from franchise market. The "Special Report" section presents analysis of franchise market. In "Good Advice" section franchise experts give practical tips how to raise money needed for new investments, how to evaluate the franchise and how to cooperate with franchisers. In the magazine one may also find an updated catalog of franchise & partner systems operating in Poland, Czech Republic or Ukraine and also master-franchise opportunities.

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