Over 600 franchisers are using PROFIT system media to find business partners in Central and Eastern Europe.

Media & Events

Profit system is an editor of franchise media and organizer of franchise fairs and trainings in order to promote knowledge about franchising between franchisers and franchisees.

Franchise magazines

Wlasny Biznes FRANCHISING is the only printed Polish monthly devoted to franchising. It provides current information about franchising, franchise offers, new trends and recent events on the market.

Ukrainian Idei Biznesa FRANCHISING and Czech Vlastni Firma FRANCHISING quarterlies are based on Polish franchise magazine and include market analysis and advices concern establishment and effective management of the company.

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Franchise portals

Our franchise portals are the biggest internet source of information about franchising in Central and Eastern Europe:

Portals provide up to date information about franchise systems - trends and available franchise or master franchise opportunities. Our media are also highly positioned and recognized by potential franchisees and credible for franchisers.

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Franchise events

Polish Franchise Expo is the only nationwide event in franchise business in Poland. It is the uniqe meeting place for the whole franchise business: the best companies, potential franchisees and investors as well as foreign companies and visitors interested in entering Polish, Ukrainian or Czech market.

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Franchise trainings

Academy of franchise PROFIT system is the training sessions for potential candidates for franchisors and franchisees. Trainings are addressed to people who want to learn how to run the franchise company or how to choose the best franchise system for themselves.

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