PROFIT system consultants provide support in drafting or adapting operations manuals to business environment in Central and Eastern Europe.

Operations manual

Operations manual should fully introduce a franchise concept. As a detailed explanation of the system it is day-to-day reference tool for use by the franchisee and his employees when running the business.

It reinforces the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement, provides the franchisees with information about the working methods and practices, and sets out the way in which the franchise must be operated.

It is also training tool for franchisors when training franchisees and for franchisees when training employees. As the business is growing the manual must be regularly updated. Operations manual is an essential instruction for franchisees and practical control tool for franchisors.

Profit system will draft new operations manual or adapt existing one according to business practises in your destination country and principles of social coexistence - without interfering in foundation of your franchise.

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Operational manual enables franchisees
to comply with high standards of franchise